my name is
Kathryn Isabelle Lawrence
and this is my website
Sun Ascendant Moon Mecury Venus Mars
cancer virgo taurus leo cancer taurus
Living in Berlin, Germany
Studying for M.A. Communications Design at HMKW Berlin
If you want to read the research proposal for my master's thesis you can find that here
In my first semester I created this Pomodoro Technique timer called Pomobotto, and another tool called Waterbot which reminds you to drink water every 30 minutes using browser alerts
Graduated Reed College 2014 B.A. Art
If you want to read my bachelor's thesis "Cyber Corpus," an art history thesis about the representational politics of female embodiment in cyberspace, you can request access here
creative endeavors
Artist resident May-June 2016 at Haihatus, Joutsa, Finland
Read my interview on the Haihatus blog here
Artist resident July 2016 at Takt Kunstprojectraum, Berlin, Germany
See pictures from the group show In The Mind's Eye featuring my sculpture "Kunstscheisse" here
Check out more of my art
Writing for MONTAG Magazine
MONTAG is a magazine of tomorrow's stories describing how technology will change the way we live, launched in March 2017. I write about the future, gender, sexuality, technology, the internet, feminism, violence, politics, representation, art, and short fiction

Writing for Grover's blog
Grover is a Berlin based fintech startup offering unlimited rentals of electronics with a flexible subscription fee. I have been writing for their blog since September 2016
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